In our society, we should all have a safe place to call home. But rising living costs and low-paid, unstable jobs put constant pressure on us, like water pressing against a dam. Without help, the dam can break, forcing people into homelessness.

But homelessness is not inevitable. In England by the late 2000s we’d nearly ended rough sleeping, and many countries and cities around the world have ended some forms of homelessness.

The next Government has the power to make sure that everybody in our society has a safe and stable home, by putting in place a plan that commits to:

  • Improving access to truly affordable housing
  • Strengthening support through the welfare system
  • Providing long-term, guaranteed funding for services which prevent homelessness and quickly get people off the street and into a stable home.  

If nothing changes, thousands more of us will be pushed into homelessness. This General Election we’re calling on every political party to #EndHomelessness, and to publish a plan setting out how they’ll do this within the first year of government. 

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Latest news: On Wednesday 4th December from 6pm-7.30pm, don't miss the National Housing Hustings, being organised by Shelter in partnership with Centrepoint, Crisis, CPRE, the National Housing Federation, St Mungo’s, Homeless Link, RICS and RIBA. You can watch online here and ask questions on Twitter with the hashtag #HousingHustings.

Take action now

Send a tweet to party leaders to ask if they'll commit to putting in place a plan to #EndHomelessness once and for all. 

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